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Part A: Spot Dictation
Directions: Is this part of the test, you will hear a passage and read the same passage with blanks in it. Fill in each of the blanks with the word or words you have heard on the tape. Write your answer in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET. Remember you will hear the passage only once.

Britain is changing more rapidly than ever before in her long history. In some respects the new British society reflects general world trends. In other respects it has kept its own _________(1). British society is evolving, that is to say, developing and suiting itself to __________(2). Evolution rather than revolution or violent change is a ___________(3) of the British way of life.

This is shown in one way by how the British people __________(4). The Conservative and Labour Parties have controlled __________(5) for the last fifty years, but today neither party can any longer be sure from which class or __________(6) its support will come. Not long ago you _______(7) the working classes always to vote for the Labour Party. The' word “Labour” means “hard work”—especially hard work”___________(8). The Labour Party is the party which is supposed _________(9) the “working man”. Your would also have expected the ________ (10) classes to vote for the Conservative Party. The word“Conservative” means “keeping things _________(11)” The Conservative Party is supposed to be the party which represents __________(12), businessmen and the self-employed. In some respects traditional British“class distinctions” are becoming _________(13), and you can be less sure how people will vote. Many members of the middle class __________(14).

Many ordinary working people enjoy a better standard of living and are ___________(15) any change which might affect them. But the ___________(16) between the classes remain. Many Conservative fear that the sovereignty of Parliament is being threatened by __________(17). Many workers are afraid that the Conservative bosses are trying to keep __________(18) down. But class feelings have not reached a __________(19) yet. Middle-class and working class min can ___________(20) at a football match and be the best of friends.

Part B: Listening Comprehension
??. Statements
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short statements. These statements ill be spoken only once, and you will not find them written on the paper; so you must listen carefully. When you hear a statement, read the answer choices and decide which one is closest in meaning to the statement you have heard. Then write the letter of the answer you have chosen in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET.

1. A. The houses had not been sold until last January.
B. The houses have been for sale for some time.
C. They went to the market to but their house.
D. They have marked down their house since last January.
2. A. Alice doesn't have much talent.
B. Alice is writing a book on business administration.
C. Alice earns more money in writing novels.
D. Alice knows more about business administration.
3. A. We knew your phone number, so we called you.
B. We didn't know you were at home, so we didn't call you.
C. We didn't want to disturb you, although we had your phone number.
D. We didn't have your phone number, so we didn't call you.
4. A. The suitcases are $ 19.85 each and come in three colors.
B. The suitcases are available in red, green and blue for $ 19.85.
C. The suitcases are nine dollars each.
D. Each color has a different price.
5. A. Most of the board members didn't like the dress code.
B. Few of the board members voted for the dress code.
C. The director was the only one who was against the dress code.
D. The director as well as the board members voted for the dress code.
6. A. Cathy told the police about the burglary.
B. Cathy telephoned to say that her office had a window pane broken.
C. The police told Cathy that they had found the key to her office.
D. The police was called in to check the security system of Cathy's office.
7. A. The manager will spend his summer holiday in the North.
B. The manager is going to have a look at some northern factories.
C. The manager himself will run the factories in the North.
D. The manager plans to retire after his travel to the North.
8. A. Thirty guests came.
B. Forty guests came.
C. Twenty guests didn't receive their invitation cards.
D. More guests came than were expected.
9. A. One hundred and fourteen passengers called about the flight.
B. Flight 114 was announced over the public address system.
C. Flight 114 was canceled because of the weather.
D. The flight was delayed due to the heavy rains.
10.A. Many shops are moving to the suburbs.
B. Sales figure is increasing in the suburbs.
C. Shops in the downtown areas are more expensive.
D. More goods are on sale in the suburbs.

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