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New Concept English 3

Lesson 7

Mutilated ladies

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever put your trousers in the washing machine and then remembered there was a large bank note in your back pocket? When you rescued your trousers, did note in your back pocket? When you rescued your trousers, did you find the note was whiter than white? People who live in Britain needn't despair when they made mistakes like this (and a lot of people do)! Fortunately for them, the Bank of England has a team called Mutilated Ladies which deals with claims from people who fed their money to a machine or to their dog. Dogs, it seems, love to chew up money!

A recent case concerns Jane Butlin whose fiancé, John, runs a successful furniture business. John had very good day and put his wallet containing $3,000 into the microwave oven for safekeeping. Then he and Jane went horse-riding. When they got home, Jane cooked their dinner in the microwave oven and without realizing it, cooked her fiancé's wallet as well.
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Imagine their dismay when they found a beautifully-cooked wallet and notes turned to ash! John went to see his bank manager who sent the remains of wallet and the money to the special department of the Bank of England in Newcastle: the Mutilate Ladies! They examined the remain and John got all his money back. 'So long as there's something to identify, we will give people their money back,' said a spokeswoman for the Bank. 'Last year, we paid $1.5m on 21,000 claims.
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The book is primarily concerned with Soviet-American relations during the Cold War.

This chapter concerns itself with the historical background.


1.?????????????ò???é???¤???ò????±????é??????????????To Whom It May Concern;

2.???????ò??·?×??????????ò????Dear Sir/Madame/ABC??????position or rank;

·be concerned to do ????×?????????

She was concerned to write about situations that everybody could identify with.

What's your main concern as a writer?

The government's primary concern is to reduce crime.

This matter is their concern.

He sold the cafe as a going concern.

How much money I make is none of your concern.


Stop trying to run my life!


I can't afford to run a car on my salary.

·a blocked/runny nose


How are we going to find 5000 pounds for a car?

Water will always find its own level.

·uneven/not level

Most of the money finds its way to the people who need it.

·change hands ???÷??;?×??

The house has changed hands several times.

·find sb out ?é????????????

He had been cheating the taxman but it was years before he was found out.


identify your media affiliation

Many of those arrested refused to identify themselves.

·on condition of anonymity

In many cases, the clothes people wear identify them as belonging to a particular social class.

·carry, take, etc. coals to Newcastle ?à??????

·not for all the tea in China

I wouldn’t do your job. Not for all the tea in China??

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