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The Palace Museum, long associated with images of century-old buildings and relics, is now taking a surprising step into fashion: not high-end fashion, but the everyday kind. On Dec 9, the online store of the Palace Museum Cultural and Creative Store released a new product – a lipstick collection in six colors.

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The colors showcase classic Chinese beauty: Lang Yao glaze red, Bean paste red, Tourmaline purple, Rose-purple, Mermaid pink and Maple red. They are drawn from items in different shades of red worn by the emperors’ concubines during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).



The lipstick packaging was inspired by the patterns of traditional Chinese porcelains and embroideries. It features red-crowned cranes, lingzhi mushrooms and butterflies, all done in an elegant style, reported People’s Daily.



“The lipstick colors are so attractive because they have traditional Chinese cultural meanings,” a WeChat user surnamed Liu told Global Times. “I think the lipsticks also have a high collection value.”


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