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Michael's Dream


Michael wanted to be a musician, but his mother wanted him to be a doctor.


Michael didn't want to make his mother feel sad, so he decided to obey her.


Rather than play music, he studied medicine.

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Unfortunately, Michael failed to graduate from medical school.


However, he isn't sad because he is now a famous musician.


Watching Television


1.There are three nationwide television networks in the United States:


the American Broadcasting Company (ABC),the Columbia Broadcasting Company(CBS) and the National Broadcasting Company(NBC).


There is also a public broadcasting network (PBS),and there are hundreds of local television stations.


In many areas television is broadcast 24 hours a day.


The Greatest Killer


1.Alcohol and cigarettes are the two greatest killers in the world.


Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of these two social evils.


As a result, some governments are trying to control the use of these drugs.


For example, in many countries, the legal age for drinking has been raised from eighteen to twenty-one.


Some countries have even banned smoking in public places.


People can help each other live longer by simply discouraging these


M:It is such a nice warm day.I think I'll go to write my report under the tree.

[01:23.64]W:I'll like to join you but I find it hard to work outside.


Q:What is the woman going to do?


A:Stay inside.

[01:30.33]W: Peter was given a medal for helping put out the forest fire.


M:He certainly showed a lot of courage.


Q:What did the man say about Peter?


A:He was very brave.


W:Bill, have you finished the research paper for anthropology?


M:Not yet. I always seen to put things off until the last minute.


Q:What did the man mean?


A:He never does assignments early.


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